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April 2013 - Unfortunately Royal Mail has significantly increased postage charges. 
So we have had to increase the price for a poster including postage and packing from 5 to 7.


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The One-Day-at-a-Time Tree - An aid to personal achievement

The idea for the One-Day-At-Time Tree

The Weather Tree poster is now 25 years old and over that time I have received many stories from clients of alternative uses for the Weather Tree in addition to recording the weather. So I am now producing the One-Day-at-a-Time Tree to better meet such needs.

What is it?

The One-Day-At-A-TimeTree is a poster (85 x 64cm) depicting a tree with twelve branches to represent the twelve months of the year and with a leaf for every day of the year.

It is easily coloured in using felt tip pens, crayons or water colours, according to a colour key you choose for yourself..

This poster allows you to keep a highly visual, colour-coded record of achievement on a daily basis.

Who is it for?

The One-Day-At-A-Time Tree is designed to enable you to maintain a daily record of personal achievement over the course of a year.

You could record such things as:

  • weight loss, 

  • recovery from bereavement, 

  • amount of exercise taken, 

  • daily profit or turnover in a small business, 

  • eggs laid by hens, 

  • time spent practising an instrument, ups and downs of giving up smoking.

 The number of uses is limited only by your imagination.

If you have fun using the One-Day-at-a-Time Tree do send me images and information of how you have used it and if they are suitable I will be pleased to put them on the site.

An example of how to use the One-Day-At-A-Time Tree

The One_Day-At-A-Time has been used as an aid to recovery from depression. 

I am indebted to Gwyneth Crawley and her friend for their suggestions for the One-Day-at-a-Time Tree poster in this context and for their advice and images.

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How much does it cost?

The poster is the same price and size as the Weather Tree Poster (fitting neatly on the back of a door) at 7 each including postage and package. Wholesale rates are available for orders of 20 trees or more. 

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