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April 2013 - Unfortunately Royal Mail has significantly increased postage charges. 
So we have had to increase the price for a poster including postage and packing from 5 to 7.


The idea for the Weather Tree

What is it?

Who is it for?


How much does it cost?

The Weather Tree

The idea for the Weather Tree

The idea for the Weather Tree came from an account of Chinese family life written by an American woman staying with a Chinese family in 1920. (Waln, Nora. The House of Exile. Reprinted and available from Amazon).

She recalls helping the lady of the house prepare paints for use in the "Chart of the Lessening of the Cold". This was an annual record kept as an aid to garden and farm work.

Each year she painted a plum tree on a silk scroll, giving it nine branches and each branch nine twigs. The tree was decorated with leaf buds in brown, green and silver and the shadow of a pink blossom was painted on each of the eighty-one twigs. After the winter solstice one blossom was painted each day according to the weather.

A companion scroll recorded the harvest for the corresponding summer and autumn so that the effect of the winter weather on crops could be seen at a glance.

Scrolls recording the weather in this form had been kept continuously in this family for twenty-two generations and were stored in a pair of cabinets of black wood carved with garden and farm scenes.

Whether the keeping of such records was a widespread practice or peculiar to this one household is not known.

What is the Weather Tree?

The Weather Tree is a poster (85 x 64cm) depicting a tree with twelve branches to represent the twelve months of the year and with a leaf for every day of the year.

It is easily coloured in using felt tip pens, crayons or water colours.

Choose different colours as a key to represent various weather types and colour in a leaf each day.

At the end of the year you will have a unique, lasting and individual record of the weather in your locality.

Who is it for?

The Weather Tree makes a popular present for all ages from pre-school children to the elderly.

It is easily coloured in using felt tip pens, crayons or water colours.

Customise your Weather Tree

Further "leaves" can be added to the key to give a more detailed breakdown of weather types.

Details such as frost, wind, thunder etc. can be recorded by outlining the leaf in a particular colour and maximum and minimum temperatures can be written next to each leaf.

How much does it cost?

The Weather Tree Poster (fitting neatly on the back of a door) costs 7 each including postage and package. Wholesale rates are available for orders of 20 trees or more. 

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